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Mauch Chunk PA is dedicated to the memories of Chris Bennett and Gene Mones


web site keeps track of the progress of our HO model of the CNJ station in old Mauch Chunk, PA in the late 1940s. Unusually, we are building this in the UK!

After a visit to Jim Thorpe in 1996, we selected it as a subject and started modelling it in 2002.  We have tried to copy the prototype as far as possible using plans taken from photos. All the material we have is available on this website for you to share. 

We welcome emails from CNJ fans and fellow modellers. UK modellers are welcome to join us at Barrowmore, nr Chester, UK.

We exhibited our nearly completed layout at the Warrington MRS Annual Exhibition in the UK at the end of October 2011. There are 
on the Exhibitions page. We are now rebuilding the fiddle yard from scratch and making major modifications. Three exhibitions are planned to date - the first in June 2017.

We are also pleased to host a page detailing Glyn Thomas' model of the CNJ including Mauch Chunk - last updated in July 2012. Glyn has helped us in the past with a number of building drawings.
& Richard

     Quick Links
          new DVD  Along the Jersey Central, Volume 2
new edition of CRRofNJ Steam Locomotive Planbook - V.S.Roseman
new CNJ book from Morning Sun
          Raritan Bay Hobbies - for CNJ Decals
The Progress of our modelling on Mauch Chunk is now updated in a blog that is accessible by clicking on any of the RED menu items in Our Model to the left. We are updating this at least monthly as we proceed with Phase 3 of Mauch Chunk construction.
               Cheers!    Steve (R), Richard (L) & Gavin
Our CNJ Books sub-section has a very comprehensive, list of new and used books which includes all (most of?) the available books and DVDs with CNJ content.
In the CNJ section there are photos and tables of CNJ steam and diesel locomotives, and links to other web sites. There is also a look at Diesel paint schemes.
In the CNJ Models in HO section there are many photos and tables of CNJ diesel and steam locos available as HO models.
In the Mauch Chunk section there are photos (>150 archive), maps, building plans and railroad details of old Mauch Chunk that we used in planning the model.

Join a CNJ or CNJ modeller e-group and get help from the experts !

What's new on the website.


Since late 2016 we have been building the model in the  Barrowmore MRG clubrooms in Great Barrow, Cheshire, United Kingdom. It moved from the Merseyside Model Railway Society clubrooms (entirely amicably!).

Send emailto Steve (details on contact us page) with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: November 2017