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Models of CNJ Rolling Stock in HO scale >
Steam Table Steam Photos Diesel Table Diesel Photos Kitbashes Stock Photos

The Steam Table and Diesel Table pages (above) have photo-tables of most available CNJ Models (omitting diesel brass models where there are plastic equivalents). Currently I have omitted photos of models that are not remotely prototypical - but I will add a page for these soon.  The Steam Photos page has all my available photos of CNJ Steam in brass and the Diesel Photos page has more brass and some plastic diesel models. The Kitbashes are contributed by friends - we haven't tried any yet.
The model caboose (Right) was painted by
Blake D Tatar.   ===>

CNJ Decals
are available:     

bulletCDS Dry-transfer lettering is available online from Ozark Miniatures and TMR distribution.
bulletRaritan Bay decals (water-slide) are available direct from Gerry Bernet - list here.  
bulletChamp decals, Herald King and Microscale decals (water-slide) are available through eBay and some local hobby stores.   
bulletWalthers decals (water-slide) are available from Walthers and eBay


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Last modified: January 2018