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75 total

Classes L5,6,7 and 8 were camelback ten-wheelers They were built as freight or passenger power but used mainly on commuter services.   

L5 (T28) No.s 150-166; L5a No.s 167-168; L5b (T32) No.s 169-174 & L5c (T32) No.s 175-184 were built by Brooks 1902-06, retired 1934-1953

L6as (T38) No.s 750-759; L7s (T38) No.s 760-769; L7sa (T38) No.s 770-779 & L8s (T40) No.s 780-789 were built by Balwdin 1910-1918, retired 1948-1956



NE Railfan website:       

lf.153, r.154, rf.157, lf.162, r.163, rf.165, rf.172, rf.173, rf.751, rf.753, lf.756, r.759, r.762, r.764, lf.768, rf.774, rf.777, rb.785, lf.786, l.789

“Jersey Central  in color” book    

lf.160, r.161, rf.165, rf.172, r.172, lf.172, f.751, rb.752, rf.754, rb.756, r.757, rf.759, rf.762, f.762, rf.763, f.763, rf.769, f.771, lf.774, f.774, f.777, f.778, lf.778, lb.778, rf.778, r.778, lf.780, f.780, rf.786, rb.786, rf.788, f.788

“Camelback twilight” book

lf.153, rf.155, lf.161, rf.162, rf.163, lf.165, lf.169, rf.169, rf.173, lf.173, lf.175, lf.181, lb.182, rf.183, lf.184, lf.751, lf.752, rf.752, lf.757, f.758, lf.761, rf.762, rf.764, lf.767, rf.770, rf.771, f.773, lf.774, rf.774, lf.777, f.779, rb.780, rf.784, rf.788, rf.789

Mauch Chunk:
May have been seen at Mauch Chunk on locals.

Models available:

CNJ ten-wheeler from Red Ball           brass   $250-$350
CNJ ten-wheeler from Key                  brass  $700-$1200
CNJ ten-wheeler from HO Train      die-cast    $30-$120
CNJ ten-wheeler from International   brass     $75-$200
(International is poor likeness)

 KEY to views in Photos:                      f  =  front           b  =  back             l  =  left               r   =  right
                                                             lf   =  left front   rf  =  right front   lb  =   left back   rb  =  right back 
                                                             emboldended are the photos above


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Last modified:  16 July 2016