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Freight and Passenger Rolling Stock of the CNJ     THIS PAGE TO BE FURTHER DEVELOPED

Passenger roster

The Fallen Flags CNJ page has a superb table of the 1944 Central of New Jersey passenger roster supplied by Tom Gardner.

Freight Stock (Mauch Chunk)

Anthracite for home heating from NE Pennsylvania.
Carried by

Delaware and Hudson
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
Lehigh Valley

Bituminous coal for mills, factories etc from W Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia.
Carried by

Baltimore and Ohio
New York Central
Western Maryland

Do NOT use other coal carriers such as Chesapeake and Ohio, Virginian, Norfolk and Western, Louisville and Nashville or Illinois Central.

Almost any can be used but expect more from the east than the west.

Produce - Use any company in small numbers delivering goods. Nothing was grown locally for dispatch.

Fruit Growers Express (FGE)
Merchant Dispatch Transport (MDT)
Pacific Fruit Express (PFE)
Western Fruit Express (WFE)

Meat - Use wagonloads only, delivering to local distributors such as


Beer, bananas, groceries - all delivered in wagonloads from east coast ports & New York etc.

From: Northern Vermont Railroad by Dwight Smith
Model Railroader, July 2002

Paul Rees
10 October 2002

I believe that CNJ had USRA twin hoppers. These can be represented nicely by the Accurail car. I'm not sure of detail changes, if any, that may be needed.

Athearn makes a decent offset side twin hopper that can be used for CNJ/CRP.

"Foreign road" hopper models suitable for eastern Pennsylvania that you should find useable include:

bulletAthearn offset side twin (B&O, Reading)
bulletAthearn offset side quad (B&O)
bulletBowser H21 ribbed side quad (PRR)
bulletBowser GLa ribbed side twin (PRR)
bulletStewart 70 ton offset side triple hopper (B&O)

With all the above, some amount of detail work/kitbashing may be warranted depending upon the info available and how accurate you wish to be.

You may also want to consult Ted Culotta's "Steam Era Freight Car List" as a useful resource for prototype photos, model photos and parts sources. - Tom Devenny

A few thoughts on rolling stock.  Stewart (www.stewarthobbies.com/) makes a nice version of the 55 ton fishbelly twin hopper car. CNJ had 1,000 built circa 1941-42. Reading had identical cars. The Stewart car is a Western Maryland version with ladders rather than grab irons. I suspect you might want to delete the ladders and add individual vertical stiles and grab irons. The June 1994 "Railmodel Journal" provided a decent article with templates for the ladder mods. Note that the majority of these cars (and probably the entire coal fleet) would have been lettered for CRP between approx. 1948 and 1953.   - Paul Rice 

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