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By Victor Roseman.

This book is 43 pages, softbound with plastic spine so it will lie flat on table or desk for easy reference. Includes index chart wth all car numbers of diagrams shown in book.

This is an 8-1/2 by 11 inch format version of the original 1932 freight car diagram book as updated to 1940., completely re drawn and inked from the original as the original small format diagram book was nearly unreadable.

In addition to diagrams, there is information on car markings and painting for various eras. All railroad car classes are clearly shown , so that finally enthusiasts will be able to signify various CNJ freightcars by their correct railroad class.

Ore cars, refrigerators, flat cars, hoppers and both 40 foot and the ancient 36 foot boxcars still on the roster are shown among others. This work includes all the types of revenue freight cars in service on the CNJ, but does not show work cars, cabooses or other non-revenue cars as these were not in the original diagram book.

An ideal gift for the freightcar enthuiast, as CNJ cars ran on all railroads, this book is also of value to model builders.. (especially as these diagrams are not commonly available) The drawings are clearance diagrams with dimensions shown, and while the cars shown are drawin in what appears to be the correct proportion, these are not plans and only the dimensions should be followed if building scale models of these car.

Only 100 copies were printed. The book is out of print and these are the last few remaining copies. These are the last few books left, and reprinting in its present form is not likely.

Price, shipping included, for these last few books will be $20 per copy.   Money orders only please - address for sending payment is:  V. Roseman 395 Stratford Road A-4 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

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