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from William Gripp, 8 October 2004:

Off the top of my head, here are some comments, corrections, updates:

IR/GE Box Cab - Original Roundhouse/MDC run did come f/p CNJ.

SW7 - ConCor (Kato) did one some years back that is more correct than the Athearn.
        Came f/p LV, don't believe in CNJ.
        Athearn's isn't really anything ever produced by EMD.  SW7 is the closest match.

Baldwin DR-4-4-1500 - Hallmark's is the MoPac version which is 3' longer than CNJ's or NYC's.

F3 & F7 - Unaware of any atlas EMD cabs other than their Roco FP7.
        Stewart's CNJ F3s are tangerine and blue.  The F7s are the B&O "decal" jobs.

RS3 - Stewarts are PhII.  CNJ was one of very few roads to have this varient.
        Atlas's is PhIb and has done it in Red and White.
        BevBel did an Atlas RS3 in green and yellow.

FM H-24-66 - Atlas has released this unit in CNJ green and gold.
        BevBel did Athearn 2 powered/dummy sets in green and gold.  4 road #s total.

FM H-10-44 - Walthers, f/p in B&O "decal" version.

SD35 - Atlas in green and gold.

SD40 - Kato or brass.  No f/p versions.

GP40-P - Brass version done (OMI?).

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Last modified:  16 July 2016