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Reference was made to Cole trailers. A couple of points about them.

 1) The Cal Scale kit is out of production, and like all previous Coles it was rather silly as there was no effort made to tie the equalization system to the locomotive frame. Instead, as always the equalization is dummied up on the truck itself.

 2) This past year I have developed a bona fide Cole where the equalization is tied to the frame, and the truck rotated beneath it, and can rise and fall beneath it.  It isn't as good as seeing it in your hands, but the truck can be seen on my website. Go to Products, click on the word Overhauls under the picture of the L&HR mikado on the gold cloth. Go to ACL conversion, and again onto Cole trailer. I have made a few copies, and a copy is currently undergoing field trials on a model rr in Maryland which has more undulating trackwork than mine does.  Two sizes of spoked Precision Scale Co  wheel sets can be used.  Product will be available as a kit, which includes the rear section of loco frame-- what we call the " locomotive cradle".  While specifically developed for use with Athearn USRA Mikes and Pacifics, the unit can be installed elsewhere.  My cradle even features the lower portion of the ash pan hopper. www.eddystonelocomotives.com   

Keep up the great work! Dave Grover, owner.

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Last modified:  16 July 2016