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(text & 2 photos Paul Rice; 4 photos & plan Frank Revitt; photo 1c from "Black Diamonds to Tidewater" site, photo 4 from Glyn Thomas's Mauch Chunk model site)

sig2.jpg (52615 bytes)  sig4.jpg (40205 bytes)   615.jpg (30932 bytes)
There is a signal gantry West of the station over three tracks - two of them the main lines. It appears to be the westbound distant signal for Nesquehoning Jct. Originally it had semaphores. There is a good picture of it on page 10 of "Anthracite Country Color" by Gerard Bernet. It appears to be two signals mounted on the same mast one above the other. By the 1960s it was replaced with a GRS model SA searchlight. This signal was still there in the mid 1980's even though the track had been taken up. The hang gliders would swoop down off flagstaff and try and glide under it. They finally took it down when they extended the parking lot. - Paul Rice
sig3.jpg (46674 bytes)

There was also a westbound semaphore signal which protected the track closest to the wall. See page 82 of Jersey Central Lines in Color volume #2. That one was kind of unusual as the signal bridge cantilevered out. I guess that was to give a better view coming around the curve. I heard that track referred to as the Nesquehoning runner and it is the one that locomotives would have used coming down from the service tracks. There must have been an E.B. signal just on the other side of the highway bridge.  - Paul Rice
sig1.jpg (47412 bytes)sig5.jpg (45673 bytes)There is a photo of a 4-6-2 with Bear Mountain in the background. There is a signal mast visible right above the locomotive. My guess is that it is a train order signal which alerts the train crew there are orders to pick up. There are also some buildings that appear in the background of that same building. From the aerial view on the back of Bernet's book (Anthracite Country Color) that appears to be the track department headquarters as there are piles of rail piled up on the north end of the buildings.  - Paul Rice

sig6.jpg (17488 bytes)706_signal.jpg (33232 bytes)

4. & 5.
There is also a signal next to the station on the EB side and another on the EB mainline south of the station area. Whether these existed at the same time is unclear.

signal.jpg (208019 bytes)


A signalling plan (left) has been supplied by Frank Revitt.

signals.jpg (111224 bytes)


...based on this plan, a close-up of the passenger depot area is shown here - with numbers refering to the signals numbered above. Note that signals 3 and 4 do not appear on the plan:

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Last modified: January 2018