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Trees are made from dried plant materials, coated with 'theatrical hair' (or Crepe Hair) and then with floc attached using 'strong' hair spray.

This is the theatrical hair. It comes in plaits which you then pull out and make a scenic mat over the dried plants. All sorts of plants have been used: some dead Hebe, conifers, sedum, astilbe. - even SuperTrees.


The plant material should be dipped in diluted (about 25%) white glue (PVA) to preserve it. The theatrical hari is then draped thinly over it and it is sprayed with hair spray. Coarse floc mixture (various shades) is then dropped over it to a desired density and a further spray is applied to hold it.


The pictures below show a similar process but using Astilbe.


IT is clearly also possible to apply the floc without the 'hair' - particularly with stained or painted SuperTrees. Even then, a little 'hair' can be used fill in poor shapes.

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Last modified: March 2019