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CNJ Freight House       - demolished now but still standing in the period we are modelling

Clicking on the description of the drawings will download a five page PowerPoint file with HO-scale drawings of all four sides of the building (for printing) and the photographs used as the sources for the drawing.   If you don't have PowerPoint, you can download a PowerPoint viewer here.   The evidence is clear for the S and W sides, but the E and N sides are slightly less clear. The row of high windows is inferred from dark areas on the photos and photo #613!    Also see the photos for the roof detail - it changed through the years.

freight s.gif (10551 bytes)        freight w.gif (21181 bytes)

  freight e.gif (20410 bytes)         freight n.gif (7906 bytes)   
                                            CNJ Freight House - S, W, E and N sides respectively

See the photos below for more detail:
   #110: 19th c.        #112: 19th c.        #116: 19th c.         #333: 19th c.       #342:19
th c.        #407: 1909
110.jpg (64247 bytes) 
112.jpg (67010 bytes)  116.jpg (61573 bytes)  333.jpg (77217 bytes)    407.jpg (35708 bytes)

   #439: 19th c.        #603: 1960s          #613: 1950s?        detail of #613      #632: 20th c.
439.jpg (52455 bytes)  603.jpg (75982 bytes)  613.jpg (23287 bytes)  freight house from n.jpg (73659 bytes)  

As modelled at end 2008 (incomplete)

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Last modified: January 2018