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Mauch Chunk Iron Works       - reclad as Court House annex

We now have several good views of this industrial building, and Glyn Thomas has drawn plans (as jpg files which come out at the right size when dragged into PowerPoint) which we link to below. The photos include one of the post office immediately to the north - we don't currently plan to model the gas station.


iw s.gif (14108 bytes)    iw e.gif (21219 bytes)
                           south end                                                        east side (S end)                                  east side (N end)


Details that show the Iron Works are composited in this picture:
industrial_bldg.jpg (96526 bytes) 

See the photos below for more detail:
   #601: 1960s           #605: 1960s          #614: 1966              #616: 1950           #618: 1950         #619: recent.    

601.jpg (42071 bytes)  605.jpg (79710 bytes)  614.jpg (36928 bytes)  616.jpg (20398 bytes)  618.jpg (163906 bytes)  Jim Thorpe Court House

As modelled at end 2008

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Last modified: January 2018