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Navigation Building       - still standing

Clicking on the descriptions of the drawing will download a two page PowerPoint file with an HO-scale drawing of the building (for printing) and the detail photographs of the building.  If you don't have PowerPoint, you can download a PowerPoint viewer hereMuch of the detail has not been drawn and modellers should refer to the detail photos for this - and the source photos below. The page size of the PowerPoint file is also much smaller than the drawing and you will have to move the drawing around and print it in three parts.

nav.gif (38198 bytes)
                                                 Navigation Building East side

See the photos below for more detail:
    #301:1979               #302:1940            #303:1979         #304:1979            #306: 1900s
301.jpg  302.jpg (59534 bytes)  303.jpg (51119 bytes)  304.jpg (47423 bytes)  306.jpg (37452 bytes)

     #310:1996           #320:2002          #327:2002            #334:19thc.?         #339:1900s
310.jpg(47539 bytes)  320.jpg  327.jpg  334.jpg (70316 bytes)  339.jpg (77377 bytes)


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Last modified: January 2018